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Monday, June 20, 2016

Holiday Season in the Stover Household

We are those people.  The turkey, or Quorn Roll, is barely down and Dallas is deciding whether to come back out for the second half or call it quits and load up on stuffing.  Out come the Christmas decorations!  Please don't make this an argument.  Christmas v. Holiday v. Religious v. Heathen.  It is a time to take stock in the good fortunes that you have in your life and be close to the one's that you hold most dear.

We went pretty spartan this year for us.  We normally have trees all over the house and usually one live tree.  I am still cleaning up needles from last year, so we deep sixed the live tree and just went with the one artificial tree this year.

This last picture is a hand made wood ornament.  It is a replica of a bicycle wheel hub.  As you may know, Dar and I like to bike.  There are a handful of material items in my life that are precious to me and this is one of those things.  Someone took the time and effort to craft a beautiful object for us.

Anyway, happy holidays!

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