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Monday, June 20, 2016

Furman University is in the House

Ok, so this lug of a guy that married my kid sister is kind of a big deal.  He's in charge of keeping all these athletes held together and healthy at Furman University.  FU one time! Oh the chants and sayings they so eloquently come up with there.

FU was scheduled to play UD at the chicken coop, or hangar, or whatever the Flyer arena is called.  Justin was able to score us some pretty sweet seats.  I kinda like the guy and he is pretty damn good at what he does.   I thought that I would let all of my readers see the guy in action.

After our fun at the basketball game the following day, we went over to Cox Arboretum.  It was an especially beautiful day for Mid-December in Ohio.  Cox Arboretum is part of Dayton's Five River Metroparks.  You can find their info here.  I would highly recommend a visit if you find yourself in the area.

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