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Monday, October 26, 2015

St George Island Wrap-Up

Well,  we are back in Ohio.  Normally, I'd have a really bad case of post-vacay blues, but the re-entry hasn't been quite as turbulent as in vacations past.

Someone asked me in a meeting this morning what my favorite part of vacation was for me.  I immediately answered "The eagles."  I got to thinking about my answer as I rode home for lunch.  I have never seen eagles in the wild before.  While never seeing them outside of a zoo setting and then seeing five over the course of a week was truely amazing, I think I have to amend my answer considerably.

This was Foxy's first vacation.  I know, she's a dog.  But Foxy is a part of our family and it was very fun bringing her with us.  She is nine now and she was acting like a puppy again.  Romping and carrying on in the sand.  I think that she understood that we were on a vacation.  It was really good to experience that.
Foxy Cleopatra on a beach walk

There is also something to be said about where water meets the land.  Three of the four elements coming meeting really does something to me.  It helps me find my zen and lifts my attitude.  St George Island was a beautiful place.  The sunrises and sunsets were stunning every day that we were there.

Good morning, SGI!

Another great part of this trip was the exploration.  We would take roadtrips to different little towns along the Forgotten Coast.  The one thing that remained the same with each stop was that the more you spoke with a local or looked into something, the deeper you can go.  We only scratched the surface of the adventures to be had.  There is also a rich, deep history in this area.  Many times stories revolved around the civil war.  It was a very interesting and different perspective.  It connected me to the history lessons I learned in school on a very real level.

Cape San Blas Lighthouse

Downtown Port St Joe

Me and the Mrs.

Grady Market Apalachicola

Carrabelle Beach

Carrabelle Harbor Marina

Sea grasses at St George Island State Park

Scuttle to SGI lighthouse lantern room

SGI halloween decorations

Thanks for visiting.  See you on the flip flop side!

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