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Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 St. George Island Day 2

Day 2 started out very quietly.  We brought the Cuisinart Kuerig and had coffee in bed.  I found these little squeeze bottles of Nestle's Coffee-mate 2Go "creamer" for Darla at the grocery store.  If you know what that Mio for water bottles are, Its the same concept with coffee creamer.  We enjoyed coffee as the sun came up.
Good morning!

We took a walk on the beach with Foxy and then Dar split off to run.
Look out Meb, she's gunnin for ya
After bagels and more coffee and just relaxing around the beachhouse, Dar and I took off to explore.  We stopped at a couple of stores and drove all around the island to check out different properties and to do our dreaming and scheming.  Before not too long we got hungry and stopped for lunch at Harry A's.  What a great place!  Bloody Mary's were on par!  Dar had tuna and I had local, fresh grouper.  What a good spot.  I bet it can get rowdy.

That's for damn sure.

Needed this after the harrowing shopping experience.

Inside at Harry A's
Bar area of Harry A's
After lunch we went to the St George Island lighthouse.  We stopped into the light keeper's house which served as a museum.  There was a lot of great history about the lighthouse and how many times its been rebuilt.  There was also some great info and fresnel lenses and their light output intensity, which is called 'order'.  I didn't realize that I had been saying fresnel wrong all these years.  I will just tell you that it is pronounced fray-NEL, thank me later.

Yes, I went up to the top and didn't just send Dar up with the camera.

St. George Island Lighthouse

St. George Island Lighthouse

One more of the SGI Lighthouse
After our exhausting day of sightseeing and shopping we had to regroup with another beach walk and happy hour.  Once we were able to bring ourselves back from the brink we went and grabbed dinner from the Beach Pit.  Apparently, Southerners call Bell's Oberon "Auburn".  The closest we could get them to the correct pronunciation was "Oh-burn".
I think most of the guys out fishing were out there for the quiet vs actual production.  Haven't seen a single fish on yet.

The real fishermen

Is this imitation crab?
After that exchange, we were wiped out, so it was another beach stroll with Foxy to catch the sunset and settle in for the evening.  Catch you on the flip side.
Coupla cute gulls

St George Island sunset

St. George Island sunset

St. George Island sunset

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