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Saturday, October 17, 2015

2015 St George Island Day 1

Well, It's been a bunch of firsts.  We saw our or first armadillo, albeit dead, cotton fields, and unincorporated towns.  If they are unincorporated, then why do they need signs.  It was a beautiful drive from Missy and Justin's in Greenville SC.  We took mainly back roads.  I have never driven through a National Forest for 2 hours.  Two hours of pine trees the exact same height and perfectly spaced out.

I/We may not return to Ohio.  St. Augustine is the benchmark that we judge all other beach towns.  Gulf side I think is where its at.  Our first couple of hours on the island have been great.  I will just let you enjoy the pictures and catch up with you on the Day 2 Entry.

Coming across the causeway

SGI Lighthouse

Ocean Mile

Per Pirates of the Caribbean...Show em your larboard side deary

First sand!!!

We are second from right

Salty Dogs!

SGI Sunset

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