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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

St. George Island Day 5

Today was a relax day.  We didn't get up until late.  4 hours after we normally get up.  9 am.  We had some coffee and took Foxy out for a morning beach walk.  We both agree that we could get into a schedule where we wake up naturally.  I am not sure that we've ever been more relaxed.  Couldn't we all?  

Dar and Fox were sunning themselves on the deck, so I grabbed the camera and headed towards the beach.  I got pretty lucky with some critters right around our beach access.  I had a lot of fun taking these pictures today.  A couple of the crabs that I snapped really were as small as they appear.  Their bodies were no bigger around than a nickel. 
This guy was under our stairs right by the car

Little skink getting some morning sun

This cute little guy was no bigger than a nickel

This is my new friend.  As I was kneeled down snapping, he deedle deedle deedled (bird speak for walking fast) right up to me, under me and then kept on trucking past me.

This bird was having fun in the surf.

Too much instagram.  Crossed legs to look thinner and the closest a bird with a long beak can get to duckface.  Poser.

Time to move on and get a snack.

A couple of wild creatures

Poolside at 300 Mile, St George Island


If anyone can help me identify these birds, I'd really appreciate it.  After some pool time, we took Foxy for another beach walk.  This time we got in the ocean.  She dog paddled back up to the beach and ran away then ran back to us.  I'd pick her back up and the game would start over.  There is something to be said about a very happy, salty dog. 

Tonight's dinner adventure is Eddie Teach's Raw Bar.  We will let you know how that goes!  Cheers!

Late breaking edit- Eddie Teach's was closed.  Not as in for the evening, but as in Holy Toledo there is hurrican fixin to hit us, let's git. 
As Cartman says, "screw you guys, I'm going home."
We ended up at Black Marlin's bar and grill.  We had a really nice dinner of once again, grouper.  Its seems pretty consistent across the island as to how the blackened fishes are prepared.  The service has been really good as well.  Super nice people all over the island.  
Rumor has it that Teach's lease was up Nov 1 and they left early.  A bonus to eating at Black Marlin was that they are right next to Paddy's, who had live music going on, so we enjoyed a nice guitar musician as we dined.  
Black Marlin's Bar & Grill

Bay side sunset from patio at Black Marlin

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