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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2015 Put-In-Bay Oktoberfest

What a fun experience!  We have friends that own a condo on Catawba Island that have invited us to the Put-In-Bay Oktoberfest.  This was the second year running for our little krew.  To get over to South Bass Island you must jump on a ferry.  Last year's expedition to the island was a first for me.  It is a nice little 20 minute jaunt over.  Bring a stocking hat, the wind can get chilly this time of year.

Pushing off from Miller's Ferry Dock on Catawba Island

About halfway between Catawba Island and South Bass Island

South Bass Island Lighthouse
Besides getting to visit with our good friends and play Cards Against Humanity, we really like going to PIB (Put-In-Bay) for Oktoberfest.  We are not big partiers, so this gives us just enough of a taste of what really goes on throughout the season.  Everything is pretty much wound down by this point in the season.

Great views of the Marina and awesome Jalepeno Agave Margs

Just in case you wanted to  jump in your car and drive
Heading to Key West
The food at PIB Oktoberfest is amazing.  From what I hear, they have wonderful bratwurst.  Or more specifically, what I didn't hear from my friend Shoe because he was inhaling them.  As vegetarians, the boss and I were able to get our fill from everything else.  The pretzels, cabbage and noodles, spaetzel, caramel apples, german potato salad were are really good.  Oh yeah, the beer.  The Great Lakes Oktoberfest and Dortmunder were as usual, spot on.
A nice little german girl 

If ya got it, flaunt it!

Once we wrapped up the festivities on the Island we took the ferry back to Catawba to catch the sunset over at the Catawba Island Club.  We pretty much sneak into the place, riff-raff like us aren't permitted most of the time.  This is the second year running that the girls crash an in-progress wedding reception.

Just married

The next morning we took a detour over to the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area.  I was hoping to catch the tail end of the bird migration, but I think we were a little too late.  We caught a couple of stragglers.  What an amazing area!  There was a really nice boardwalk that we took a stroll around and met some very nice folks.  It is amazing to me how nice and excited fellow birders are, and how quick to drop sighting info to one another.  One gent came up to us so excited to tell us about 9 sand hill cranes just down the road a piece.  I thought he was going to throw us in the car and drive us there himself.  We will definitely need to come back, but put a little more thought into the timing of our visit.

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